Hey friend! I'm Bonnie.
I'm now alive on the inside.... only by the mercy and grace of God.
Serving the King because of love, loving others because of His love.

I have a newfound identity in Christ!!! =)
Extra about me: infj , 2w1 , studying art (+ psych), blessed by the people around me.

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Hey. Jesus loves you. =)
Here is an ear and a friend. How are you? [my ask]

My Father is faithful!!!! Will share about our recent trip to Thailand very soon.
Thank you for all your help and support. God is good.

What’s crazy: all my secret sins are set before God, in the light of his presence (Ps. 90:8),

And YET I do not have to be afraid, because in full knowledge of all of me, God still loves me and he chose to love me. I no longer live under a spirit of fear, but of REDEMPTION!!

This holy, perfect God, He makes me holy through his Son, Jesus Christ. All I need to do is believe and obey. Wow. I get to be like my Father. What a privilege.

1 John 4:18-19
“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
We love because he first loved us.”

Read the rest of 1 John 4, guys. I’m telling you, his word is alive and sharp and piercing and convicting and that will always be better than living in intentional ignorance and sin.

You weren’t made for that kind of life, and God is calling you out of a Spirit of love and not fear, because he already paid for you.

"Father, I want to die for him, I want to die for her because I love him, and I love her. And I know you do too."

Jesus had this kind of heart when he died on the cross for you. He loves you. He wants to talk to you. Open up your word and I promise, he will do what is best for you and your heart, out of love. Don’t be afraid. =) He’s already in front of you, so look back to him!!!


If you’re trying to be perfect, your focus is you, not Jesus. And you have a greater sense of how selfish you are. God isn’t asking us to do things “the right way,” He’s calling us to believe in what His Son did for us, deny ourselves, carry our crosses, and follow Him. :)

"To think you can love God without being changed by Him, is to think you can jump into the ocean and not get wet. To really love Him, you must understand that your life is going to be wrecked by Him, and built again into something beautiful, something lasting."

T.B. LaBerge // Jesus, His Grace, and the Gospel (via yesdarlingido)

Yes. =) and don’t be afraid. He’s not here to condemn you.

He’s right here in front of you, right now. He didn’t save to so he could admonish you. He came to love you. He’s waiting for you right now, and you just need to see that he’s right here. Pick up your bible and read, close your eyes and pray, and trust that he is with you right now even if you might not feel him. If you ask, you’ll receive. If you seek, you’ll find.

Don’t let doubt stop you from doing what the Holy Spirit is telling you in the back of your mind, that God really is there even though you might not feel him. Trust his voice, put down your doubt and disbelief and pride. Read, pray. =) you can do it!!

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"Life is weird. Sometimes the coolest people come out of these incredibly restrained upbringings. The upbringing doesn’t make them cool. It’s just in that glorious moment when they gained freedom they looked at their background and said, “….nah.”"


Some sketches from yesterday. 
Sleeping man got smudged because I unconsciously rubbed him with my hand while conversing with a friend! Hahaha.

stuff i drew while talking with friend yesterday. =) haha!


yesterday i went shopping for art supplies with a friend of mine (BECAUSE OF BACK-TO-SCHOOL FALL SALE WHOOO!!). i got five (smaller) canvases (2 11x14, 2 10x10, 1 8x8) and 4 beautiful amazing gorgeous wonderful brushes (FOR 50% off!!!!! one would be like $10 but it was $5 :’) <3 <3 <3 !!!) and i am so so happy because now i have nicer brushes to get those details without fussing with the stray bits of hair!!! hahaha.

afterward, friend and i got boba then chilled at macarthur park. i drew/watercolored stuff in sketchbook. we talked about art and philosophies and christianity and it was interesting. honestly, i feel like i could have explained the gospel better, and the questions he asked were challenging. but at the same time, i’m not beating myself up over anything i said because condemnation is not the way to go. and i’m confident that whatever i say, God will use for his glory! i’m glad that we were able to talk about it. it was hard to explain how God looks at the intentions of the heart (he gave a situation asking when is it okay to resort to violence—e.g., to protect a family member) and how God is holy (explaining how all sins are bad in comparison to a perfect God, like how a yellowed, stained white cup would look dirty in comparison to a new porcelain cup).

but i’m glad. i think we’ve talked about christianity in the past before, but when i talked about it with him then i beat myself up over it mentally afterward because i felt like my explanations were inadequate and i came across as a nominal believer, when i felt that i was not. That would probably be around 1-2 years ago, now.

but i feel at peace about our conversation yesterday. i’m just hoping that he can choose God back and really look for Him and find Him. for him to not block off that yearning for something more and to not choose to have apathy inside, but to really seek God…. ahaha i don’t know. hopefully God uses whatever happened yesterday and continues to call my friend back to Himself.

if you ever think of this post and/or my friend, a willing, quick prayer would be so much more appreciated then you’d know. =) thanks for reading!! haha