Hey friend! I'm Bonnie.
I'm now alive on the inside.... only by the mercy and grace of God.
serving the King because of love, loving others because of His love.

I have a newfound identity in Christ!!! =) Here's some other small tidbits:
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Hey. Jesus loves you. =) x
Here is an ear and a friend. How are you? [my ask]

My Father is faithful!!!! Will share about our recent trip to Thailand very soon. Thank you for all your help and support. God is good.


We will fix our eyes on the One who will last forever
We will hold on tight to the only real treasure
We will not lose heart
We will not lose hope
We will give our lives to the One who will last forever

(To the only real treasure)



You know how we make our minds up about people and say, “I don’t like that person” about some and “I guess that person’s okay” about others? Well that’s not just about us saying those things- it’s about our flesh being what is leading our hearts.

When we walk in the Spirit, we don’t get to…

"There are friendships I’ve mourned over where too much history got in the way. There were too many harsh words and broken promises and silent disagreements, and it rotted to an impatient grave. But there are others where we traveled the jagged road of reconciliation, mending wounds and untying knots and covering with grace: and on the other end of this is an ocean-deep intimacy of perseverance that couldn’t be reached any other way. We had to wrestle with the ugly parts of our nature. Demons were exposed. Secrets were spilled. Yet there is a joy in this sort of enduring friendship that goes the long distance; there’s a crazy sort of laughter with a lifelong friend that is colored by the weight of heels digging into the ground, a love that says, ‘I’m staying.’ We see it in the cross, and we can have it now, even in a world such as this."

me: what's it called

some things I learned by 19:

1. choosing to go someplace alone and doing it alone is a sweet feeling.

2. you will make stupid relationship mistakes, no matter your resolve.

3. if you’re not sure about the relationship, don’t do it.

4. tell people that you love and care about them.

5. unplug from social media for weeks at a time. tell them to email you instead.

6. explore who you are before you journey into someone else’s soul.

7. figure out your likes and dislikes, and see who else notices.

8. get something done, then feel good about it afterward.

9. actually be the one to first reach out to a friend, at least once in a while. if you reach out instead of waiting on them, it makes for a much sweeter friendship.

10. appreciate the people around you, especially the family you have (not just biological).

11. figure out your priorities and values in life, then live by them. crowds change and people don’t stick around forever, but you will have something to live by for the rest of your life.

12. sometimes, you just need to do it. once in a while, try that new thing that freaks you out; maybe you’ll like it afterward. (this also applies to roller coasters) 

13. …but don’t do it if you know that it’ll end badly. (you know what I mean)

14. it feels good to clean out your room and clothes once in a while, so do it when you get the urge to. it’s nice to sit in a clean room with a clear desk. the air feels fresh afterward.

15. in the end, you won’t be remembered by your fame or your ambitions. the most powerful remembrance is one of love. will people remember you by all the things you’ve achieved?

or will they remember you by the love you had for the people around you and in the world?

the love you had for your loved ones as well as the unloved?

the love you have for God?


Don’t spend time composing elegant prayers. Speak to God from your heart. If you don’t like how they sound, ask God to change your heart.

I just talked with my dad who walked in

He washed grapes for me earlier to eat and I was snacking on them (thanks daddy =) ) and I found some mold. 

I told him when he came in and showed a grape that had some fuzz on the top, and he said it was fine and that he washed them thoroughly. I showed him a second grape where there was some fuzz on the side, and then he said “yeah, pick that one out; don’t eat that one.”

Then he gave me some words of wisdom:

"They’re like people. You gotta look at the inside. They have to be beautiful on the inside.”

Then he walked out.
wow ahahaha words of wisdom for today!!! wow. thanks dad =)

Advice on being a light while hanging out with non Christians?


Hi! :)

First thing I would encourage anyone who hangs around non Christians is to believe no matter what that you’re born-again and right with God, like that is very important because people will judge you and criticize you and may even make fun of you and Jesus because that’s just the world. They won’t understand you at times because of your faith and you have to be confident in what Jesus did for you.

Second is that if you’re hanging around unbelievers, they might not get saved while you’re with them. It may be years before they come to Jesus, but your life around them can play a big part because of how you talk, walk, and live in Him. We’re not trying to get people to say a prayer to go to heaven. We’re not trying to push people into a relationship with someone they haven’t seen. Let’s just first shine Jesus and walk in Him. We’re simply giving them Jesus in us. People our opportunities, not project. So you go to simply be a son or a daughter, without any expectation on unbelievers to live like you since they have no personal knowledge or understanding of the Father’s character, they would need faith in Christ first. But your life could be an example. God will bring the change, your answer to unbelievers is mercy, love, grace. Your answer to unbelievers is always Christ in you. Not hurt because we cannot expect them to love us if they don’t know His first love. So we never stop loving those who are called unlovely because we see them as lovely through Christ. We’re the ones who show them what love looks like in midst of an injustice, around the meanest of people, it’s a privilege at those times to hurt for people and not be hurt by them… so value those tough situations.

And lastly, LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY. Jesus loves you completely. He is your life. He is everything. If tomorrow never comes and you never get to hang around anyone, you’re okay. Let your heart rest in what He accomplished, not in what you can accomplish and you will find that you have accomplished much because love never fails and everything we do will have flowed out from His perfect love for us. And He will say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” 👍

Love you, bless you!!! :)